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  • Bed bugs: Live in beds and hide in small cracks and crevices, primarily dine on humans and bites can become red and itchy

  • Box elders: feed on leaves, flowers, and seed pods of the box elder tree or silver maple

  • Carpenter ants: damage wood by hollowing it out for nesting and excavate galleries in wood



  • Carpenter bees: cause damage to wooden structures with nests that weaken the structural wood and leave holds and stains on building surfaces

  • Centipedes: elongated animals with many segments, typically live indoors with damp, moist spaces

  • Clover mites: about 1/30" long, invade homes in early spring or late fall in enormous numbers

  • Earwigs: may emite a foul-smelling liquid, active at night, cause feeding damage on flowers, vegetables, fruit, and other plants

  • Fleas: bites are rarely felt but can cause serious medical problems

  • Millipedes: rounded, elongated bodies, feed on organic matter, and invade homes

  • Powder post beetles: wood-boring insect that cause damage to many wood products at home

  • Roaches: most common house-infesting insect, commonly found where food is produced

  • Scorpions: arachnids, relatives of ticks, mites, and spiders, will sting when disturbed

  • Silverfish: often live in cool, damp places, eat a variety of foods including glue paper, and flour

  • Brown recluse spider: inflicts a nasty bite that is difficult to treat and causes scarring

  • Black widow spider: has neurotoxic venom that can cause intense pain, convulsions, and possible death, seek treatment immediately in the case of a spider bite

  • Termites: wood-destroying organisms that live in huge colonies, primarily feed on dead wood

The key to avoiding severe damage to your home and injury to your family is recognizing when you may have a pest problem. If you spot any of these insects in or around your home or commercial building, call the experts at Danns Termite & Pest Control and trust our efficient, prompt, and reliable service.


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